Karen Nerak

Message from our Creator

Hello Beautiful, Thank you so much for stopping by. I know all about healing, and the challenges that come with it, because I’ve been there. My life was unexpectedly interrupted in 2000 when it was discovered that I had a strange lump in my inner ear that turned out to be a Schwannoma tumor. The tumor damaged my facial nerves, leaving my face partially paralyzed. Three years into my recovery, I was dealt another blow—Stage III, (Her2 Positive) breast cancer. Now in the fight for my life, I embarked on an aggressive and intensive treatment journey that included surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. After three weeks of radiation, the skin around the treated area became severely inflamed. My doctor recommend various lotions, creams and ointments, along with cornstarch, but none of these worked for me. Frustrated, I took matters into my own hands, in my kitchen. After weeks of research, mixing and testing finally led me to an all-natural blend product that not only extinguished my burning skin, but healed it too. Knowing this, I shared the goodness of NERAK Natural Essence’s lotion with other radiation patients and individuals with different types of skin conditions.  These individuals experienced similar extraordinary results.

Your skin is as resilient as your spirit. It just needs a healing touch.

Let’s get back to life.

Let’s get back to beauty. Let’s get back to you.