Mission Statement:

We at NERAK (NER-ÉK) Natual Essence, LLC believe this is everything your skin should be. Created with your healing journey in mind, our rich formula helps to restore your skin to its natural beauty. Every ingredient we use promotes deep hydration and healing, whisking away irritation and inflammation to leave soothed and nourished skin behind. We craft our products with care, and we do it the only way we know how…Naturally and with love.

NERAK Natural Essence, LLC lotion has been very successful in promoting healing, hydration, and providing comfort to the skin during and after radiation treatment and dry irritated skin. Unlike other products, 95% of NERAK’s clients experienced little to no skin burns when used as instructed.

Warning: Avoid overexposure to direct sunlight while using this product. Do not use this product if you are allergic to Aloe Vera.


“I once had a patient with terrible radiation burns on her neck and chest. Not only were the burns painful, but she was very self-conscious about them. She would cover them with scarves even on the hottest summer days. I recommended she try NERAK Natural Essences lotion. The pain was alleviated almost immediately, and within a month or two you couldn’t even tell where the burns used to be. I now recommend NERAK Natural Essences lotion to all my radiation patients before they start treatment.” ~ Julie Magram Acupuncture, Seabrook, MD

“Nerak’s Natural Essence Lotion was heaven sent. I used it during my entire radiation treatment. My skin was silky and I didn’t experience any burns. After my treatment was over, I continued to use the lotion because I love the way it makes my skin feel. My skin feels brand new every time I use it. It’s a keeper. You must try it”. ~ Shirley G, Richmond VA


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